Wolfgang Doe

On The Project The project Wolfgang Doe is a crime web series that was written by Jens Wernstedt and Bastian Oppel and is still under development. It is starting out with the first „pilot“ episode named Das Biest in Dir. The story takes place in Stuttgart and is constructed at first glance like a crime… Wolfgang Doe weiterlesen

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NAF – by name Nana Hülsewig and Fender Schrade – did a ‚Neujahrsempfang‘ presenting their video installation on public advertising screens in Stuttgart during January 2019. Shot this kind of news report starring Markus Pfalzgraf and Mary Sherman for them. Editing of the footage happened the same day so that it could be shown theatrically… NAF // NORM IST F!KTION #4/3 weiterlesen

Latin Jazz Festival

On The Project In 2018 Stuttgart-based jazz guitarist Antonio Cuadros De Béjar came up with the idea of creating his own music festival for a new type of music he calls latin jazz featuring artists of this music genre. Four days full of concerts that take place in Stuttgarts well known jazz club Kiste together… Latin Jazz Festival weiterlesen

Auf dem Weg

On The Project Auf dem Weg draws the two paths of the lives of Aryo Gharabatti from Iran and Mohamad Najjar from Syria and of their encounter in southern German city of Pforzheim. Accompanying both protagonists in their current everyday lives until their encounter in the park, while them, simultaneously telling us in such an… Auf dem Weg weiterlesen


On The Project An educational project I did at Merz Akademie university as part of my final exam is a fictional short called „WOHIN?“. Having to deal with a mini crew and a micro budget, if any, back then I wrote, produced, directed, shot and edited. Luckily I had some great helping hands that supported… WOHIN? weiterlesen

Mascot Fur Life

On The Project Bei dem Filmprojekt „Mascot Fur Life“ von Jens Wernstedt handelt es sich um eine Mockumentary – einen fiktionalen Dokumentarfilm, bei dem die Handlung als etwas dargestellt wird, was es so im realen Leben nicht gibt. Auch wenn der Anschein erweckt werden soll, dass es sich um einen echten Dokumentarfilm handelt. Sowohl durch die Ernsthaftigkeit der… Mascot Fur Life weiterlesen

Sneakerize Me

On The Project I did cinematography work for Sneakerize Me, a feature directed by Uta Schindler. Dive into the cult of sneakers and a world of trainer aficionados with their passion beyond mere purchasing and collecting this kind of footwear. This film was shot in Mannheim and Stuttgart. Watch The Film Production Info Director Uta… Sneakerize Me weiterlesen