On The Project

An educational project I did at Merz Akademie university as part of my final exam is a fictional short called „WOHIN?“. Having to deal with a mini crew and a micro budget, if any, back then I wrote, produced, directed, shot and edited. Luckily I had some great helping hands that supported me with sound recording/postproduction, catering and here and there. With this project I also tried the first steps in working with RED 4K footage and created my own custom workflow to be able to edit and grade it later in the cutting room.

This story leaves the audience in a journey into the unknown and finally reveals that you should believe in your dreams and go your way in life. Yet there is an open end as to where all of the protagonists‘ pursuit concludes in this piece. Visual and sound design of this short reflect his deepest feelings.


This short tells the story of young greek man Georgios coming to Germany and hoping to find work in times of debt crisis. Finding a good job, being financially independent from others and finally changing his life did not come true. Reality was different. He is unsatisfied by the monotonous labour in a warehouse and his disrespectful boss and he reasons that there must be more to life and he has to change something. Now on this way, he encounters a young woman sharing the same destiny as Georgios.

Production Info

Alexander Georg, Stefanie Mendoni and Kleber Valim

Directed and Written by
Timo Dannenhauer

Cinematographer, Editor and Colorist
Timo Dannenhauer

Gabriela Correa

Production Assistant
Vivian Fischer

Sound Postproduction
Robert Kaiser

Running Time

Screen Format

Production Date
Germany 2015