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The project Wolfgang Doe is a crime web series that was written by Jens Wernstedt and Bastian Oppel and is still under development. It is starting out with the first „pilot“ episode named Das Biest in Dir.

The story takes place in Stuttgart and is constructed at first glance like a crime show on television. But there is one difference: next to human beings there are anthropomorphic creatures with an animalistic appearance populating the streets of Stuttgart. Consequently the main character that also gives the name to this series is the criminals chasing wolf named Wolfgang Doe. The authors approach to revive the rather worn out crime genre with this special twist.

The first episode already has been released and currently is being theatrically screened in some cities. So catch one of the public screenings or meanwhile watch the trailer below. You can find out more about the projects ongoing state on its official Facebook page.


The city of Stuttgart appears to be haunted by a succession of mysterious murders, equally affecting humans and creatures. At the beginning there is a corpse… or truth be told there are a few.

Clues lead the local police and their agent Wolfgang Doe (Marcel Ellinger and Bastian Scheibe) to put dubious Mateo Saathoff (Brego Kuhnert) under suspicion. Saathoff not even shies away from shooting Does human friend Rebecca right in front of his eyes. But what is Saathoffs motive? His smart character finally allows him to put the blame for the murder on Doe who hence has to go underground.

With the help of his chief Arno Fuller (Kevin Kasper) who belives in Doe to be innocent, he tries to solve this case undercover together with his new associate Nadine Peters (Nicola Fuhrich).

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Production Info

Marcel Ellinger, Bastian Scheibe, Brego Kuhnert, Nicola Fuhrich, Kevin Kasper and others

Jens Wernstedt

Jens Wernstedt and Bastian Oppel

Director of Photography
Timo Dannenhauer

WIP Productions

Running Time

Screen Format

Production Date
Germany 2018